Each image uploaded to WP has the following text fields available. Some of the plugins replace these text fields with their own, sometimes duplicate, text fields. The sliders only show some of the text in most cases, if any.


[metaslider id=”76″]

Jetpack (?) Slider using Google Photo Source:
No description layout options though

[MDSL id=30]

Post slider and carousel:
Each slide is a WordPress “post” with an image included. You can also link to them from the blog menu above to read the full post. The images are pulled from Google Photos. The only text included is the title, author, date, and category, unfortunately.


Slick Slider Design 5:
This comes closest to what we’re looking for. Unfortunately if the image size is increased, the italic text overflows the hidden slide and doesn’t display properly. The text size also can’t be made any smaller. Some customization might fix these issues.

[slick-slider variablewidth=”true” design=”design-5″]