February 21, 2001 

 Inaugural Exhibition: Part I, March 10 – April 16, 2001 

Opening reception for the artists, Saturday evening 7 – 10 pm 

gallery2211 is a new contemporary art gallery in downtown Los Angeles located  at 2211 North Broadway (between Avenue 22 and Avenue 24).  

Gallery Hours: Thursday through Monday, 11 am – 6 pm, and by appointment.  gallery2211 is owned and operated by Michael Solway and Angela Jones. 

Inaugural Exhibition: Part I is a group exhibition of artists based in Los Angeles,  Oakland, and Hartford, CT. Elizabeth Bryant, Gomez Bueno, Patrick Nickell,  Alan Rath, and Peter Waite. The gallery will open to the public on Saturday  March 10. Opening reception for the artists will be from 7 -10 pm. Exhibition  continues through April 16, 2001. 

Inaugural Exhibition: Part I consists of new works in painting, sculpture, photo  based installation, digital robotic sculpture, works on paper, and a new custom  designed sound system created by Alan Rath.  

Peter Waite and Elizabeth Bryant document actual locations of architecture  and landscape as either acrylic paintings on aluminum or as photographic based  installation. Peter Waite uses specific sites of urban or rural landscape to  construct various meanings often using the juxtaposition of painting to painting.  Each of Waite’s chosen sites are void of human figure with the details of each  image painted from his memory. In the painting, LA Roof a single plastic patio  chair divides the foreground space of a roof top wall and a single potted  houseplant. Industrial buildings with daytime Los Angeles haze horizontally  separate the picture’s landscape into an image of abstraction. 

Elizabeth Bryant places the viewer into multiple exterior worlds at once. In the  work Katusura Tea Garden/Autumn Brook, Bryant suspends in the gallery a two sided photograph with silhouetted cut out openings of a traditional Japanese  tea garden on an offset printed commercial photo of an idyllic autumn brook  scene. The stenciled forms of the Katusura Garden dance with the gallery’s  actual windows to the street. Each layer transcends the other to a place of calm  as the Japanese garden was intended.  

Patrick Nickell’s drawings and sculpture fuse together Baroque style with  landscape architecture and botanical design. The sculpture A Place for  Daydreams seems to float in the gallery with pistachio painted wood edges,  both architectural model and as greenhouse sculpture. The untitled drawings  each reference possible botanical life within Nickell’s structures. 

Gomez Bueno produces conceptually intriguing paintings that originate from  design, surf culture and fueled by the sounds of hardcore and flamenco music. 

Bueno’s paintings have a hyper realized retinal immediacy that causes the viewer  to act accordingly. In Gomezphonics in Stereo, the paintings are sold as diptych  works. The paintings become a tromp l’oeil wall of sound.  

For the last ten years, artist Alan Rath has been producing sculpture using  digital robotic systems, hand built and engineered in his studio in  Oakland.California Landscape, a new digital robotic work consisting of a  complex system of computers, software and motors, will move about the gallery  on twenty feet of track. Rath has also designed and fabricated for gallery2211 a  new custom audio amplifier and speaker system. Rath’s custom-made PA system  represents new audio design hand crafted for personal consumption.